A story on MSNBC says that a new study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that Burlington, Vermont, is the nation’s healthiest city…and Huntington, West Virginia, is the nation’s least healthiest city. The ratings are based on obesity rates, diabetes, exercise frequency and other standard measurements of good health.

Interestingly, as MSNBC writes, both cities “are out-of-the-way college towns with populations that are overwhelmingly white people of English, German or Irish ancestry.”

But there are differences – Burlington’s population tends to be slightly younger, better off financially, and better educated. And, MSNBCwrites, the cultures also are different: “Bicycling, hiking, skiing and other exercises are common in Burlington. Neighborhood groups commonly focus on improving parks, working in community gardens and repairing and improving sidewalks … healthier foods are also popular. Grass-fed beef is offered in finer restaurants, vegan options are plentiful, and the lone downtown supermarket is run by a co-op successful in selling bulk rice and other healthy choices to low-income residents.

“Burlington is helped by the presence of IBM and other employers offering more generous health benefits and corporate wellness programs than companies in Huntington, some experts suggested.”