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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cherry Pickin’

Your caffeinated third way

Coffee or tea is an either/or proposition; there seems to be no middle ground.

Cascara, a coffee byproduct made from the dried “cherries” that are cast off during bean harvesting, can challenge that notion. When dried and steeped in hot water, they make an infusion that carries both the fruitier notes of a tisane and the slight bitter edge of a cup of coffee.

Historically, the practice of steeping dried coffee cherries in hot water actually predates the drink we’re so familiar with. In Yemen (one of the first places to popularize coffee), a drink called qishr—coffee-cherry tea steeped with sugar and cardamom—is still widely enjoyed.

Cascara has recently become more readily available Stateside as farmers and boutique roasters such as Counter Culture and Intelligentsia have embraced sustainable practices and looked for ways to reduce waste.

Beyond the novelty factor, cascara is great as a stepping stone to identifying the tasting notes in regular coffee. Notes of blueberry, mango and chocolate that may seem hidden in your espresso are suddenly clearly apparent.

Talk about a happy compromise.

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