The BBC reports that British officials have confiscated ice cream made with human breast milk that is being sold by a London ice cream parlor called The Icecreamists, amid concerns that it might not be safe to eat.

The ice cream, marketed under the name of “Baby Gaga,” went on the market last week. It was sold in a martini-like glass, cost the equivalent of $22 (US) per serving, and was said to be natural, organic and free range.

Officials were acting on complaints from the public; the federal Food Standards Agency reportedly is examining the ice cream to see if it is safe for human consumption.

The owners of the company said that they had followed all appropriate food safety procedures in manufacturing the product, and that as far as they knew, there was no law preventing them from selling breast milk in food. Furthermore, they noted that the has been a huge demand for Baby Gaga, and that they’ve also been getting calls from women looking to sell their breast milk.
KC's View: The marketers behind Baby Gaga aren’t boobs. They know how to milk a controversy for the greatest exposure, and that a little titillation can be good for business.