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Friday, November 9, 2012

In 1970, 300 hippies founded a commune in the backwoods of Tennessee and set out to change the world.

The true story of America's largest commune and two sisters' journey to revisit their past.
  • Launched: Oct 18, 2012
  • Funding ends: Dec 2, 2012
We are filmmakers and sisters who were born on America's largest commune, The Farm. This is our first feature documentary and we are excited to finally be crossing the finish line! Join us in raising completion funds, so we can share this iconic story with the world! 
In 1970, 300 hippies founded a commune in the backwoods of Tennessee and set out to change the world. Members shared everything, grew their own food, delivered their babies at home and succeeded in building a self-sufficient society. By 1980, The Farm had 1,500 members and hosted 10,000 visitors a year. Their socialist experiment sowed the seeds for many of today’s most progressive movements, including organic farming, natural birth, vegetarianism, and solar power. Countless reporters—everyone from Dan Rather to Walter Cronkite—have covered The Farm in news segments, but we are the first insiders to tell our story.
Making AMERICAN COMMUNE has been a demanding (and expensive!) labor of love that took many years, but we persevered because we believe in it. Our immediate goal is to raise $50K. This amount will cover our basic post-production costs including, audio mix, color correction, graphics, titles, photo animation and final conform. 
We hope to raise an additional $40K-$75K beyond our immediate goal and know we can with your support! This will allow us to complete music composition, license archival footage and original music, do an extensive marketing campaign and secure a wide release in the US and abroad. We will also use these funds to create an educational guide to accompany the film for colleges, community organizations and co-ops.
Post-production is extremely expensive and until now we've personally absorbed these costs but we've reached the point where we need your help to cross the finish line. The way Kickstarter works is if we don't raise our immediate goal of $50K by our deadline, we won't receive any of the money donated and your credit card will not be charged. Please do not let this happen! It's all or nothing!
Emmy-winning editor, Michael Levine edited our movie! His recent film RESTREPO was nominated for an academy award. During production, AMERICAN COMMUNE was supported by prestigious arts grants, including Women In FilmThe Jerome FoundationThe New York State Council of The Arts and Women Make Movies. But it has otherwise been a completely independent endeavor (aka Rena and Nadine's credit cards!). 
When we left The Farm as kids and moved to Los Angeles, we were catapulted into another world.  We had never smelled perfume, eaten meat, seen women with makeup or men without beards, and we’d hardly watched TV. We were taunted for being “hippie kids” and did everything we could to blend in.
The impetus for making AMERICAN COMMUNE was born out of our simple desire to understand where we came from.  As luck would have it, working in the heart of commercialism in New York City compelled us back to our roots. Suddenly, we needed to learn about what our parents were doing in the backwoods of Tennessee and how they, along with hundreds of others, managed to create a massive alternative society out of no more than passion and an empty spot of land. As we interviewed The Farm’s founders, our parents, and our childhood friends, we developed a greater respect for how hard everyone worked to realize their dream. 
8x10 archival photo signed by photographer David Frohman
8x10 archival photo signed by photographer David Frohman
10x10 photo of old Caravan bus signed by photographer Susanna Frohman
10x10 photo of old Caravan bus signed by photographer Susanna Frohman
Archival Farm book Hey Beatnik!,                     Iconic book Spiritual Midwifery
Archival Farm book Hey Beatnik!, Iconic book Spiritual Midwifery
The story of our commune is an important and untold piece of American history. Now more than ever the world needs positive and empowering examples of communities that made a difference. Be a part of sharing our story with the world and donate today!
Can't donate but want to help? Become an AMERICAN COMMUNE devotee and help us with outreach! Tweet, tweet, tweet, email your friends, share on Facebook, post on blogs and connect us with your community. Know an organization or blog that would like to be involved? Put is in touch with them.
Interested in playing an even larger role in our film? We have an Executive Producer credit for $40K. Contact us directly for more information: commune@mundofilms.com 
In many ways we have become more connected to our parents' original ideals through the process of making AMERICAN COMMUNE. We believe in the power of community and are inspired by the idea that together we can make a difference (and a movie!). We are so grateful for your support! 
Nadine & Rena 
For more info, check out our website:http://www.americancommunemovie.com

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Completing an independent documentary is a huge and labor intensive undertaking and we're so excited to be crossing the finish line! Post production (audio mixing, color correction, final conform) can be extremely expensive but because we've worked in the industry we have relationships with professionals who are offering us reduced rates. Now that our film is near completion, getting our film out into the world and seen by an audience poses a whole new set of challenges. A unique aspect of our film is that we have a strong grassroots audience and we plan to draw on their support. We've also been approached by several universities that are interested in screening our film inside a classroom and we plan to take advantage of this. The distribution landscape is rapidly changing and we're engaged in pursuing non-traditional and new distribution channels for AMERICAN COMMUNE.


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